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Dexterous Workforce specializes in meeting your lumping needs through an extensive range of services such as container de-stuffing, trailer stuffing, pallet rebuilding, trans-loading, cross-docking, pallet restacking, load breakdowns, labeling, and other essential warehouse services. Our qualified associates alleviate the burden of time-consuming tasks, saving you valuable time and effort. With our agile approach, we can promptly provide you with a skilled workforce within 3 hours of your request, delivering swift and triumphant results.

Dexterous Workforce is not only committed to providing exceptional lumping services but also ensuring your peace of mind. We are proud to be an insured company, covering both general and professional liability. This means that you can trust us with your valuable goods, knowing that we have comprehensive insurance coverage in place. We are renowned for our skillful and effective lumping solutions, backed by a team trained in meticulous measurements. Above all, safety, security, attention to detail, reliability, and timely completion are paramount in our service delivery. Count on Dexterous Workforce to streamline your lumping requirements, guaranteeing the protection of your goods.


We choose who we work with and build lasting relationships.


We truly care our customers and candidates.


We take pride in follow-through and deliver on promises.


We operate with a true sense of urgency that matches yours.


We assure that everything is insured, providing a sense of safety & security.
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